Love Island season 2 airs May 2024

Anyone interested in becoming an ‘islander’ can apply now

Love Island Malta
Love Island Malta

One of Malta’s most controversial and talked about television productions, Love Island, will be returning next May.

Anyone interested in becoming an ‘islander’ can apply here. Anyone interested must be aged at least 18 years at the date of their application, and cannot be currently employed by Media Exclusive Limited.

Earlier this year, after six weeks in the villa, Chelsea Bagnall-Falzon and Allen Piscopo walked away from the villa as winners of the first ever season of Love Island Malta. They have since announced they have broken up.

During the finale, host Yasmin Helledie said that 93% of people aged 16 to 25 in Malta were following Love Island over the six weeks it was being aired.

Moreover, the show garnered 190,000 viewers.

Love Island Malta is a local iteration of the UK reality franchise that goes by the same name.

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The show starts with 10 attractive people, five girls and five boys, all in swimsuits, waiting in a villa. The women stand in line and watch as the men come out one by one.  

If they like him, they step forward. If more than one girl steps forward, he gets to pick. 

Couples then live together, in a two-bedroom villa. To make the sleeping arrangements even more interesting, one bedroom is the hideaway, where lucky participants get to spend a romantic night together. The other bedroom hoards the rest of the participants, with one double bed per couple. 

Cringey, cheesy or straight-out hilarious challenges are thrown at the participants. From a simple kissing game to a sexy firemen rescue, the challenges are unexpected, wild and hot. 

As new participants are introduced throughout the episodes, a ‘recoupling ceremony’ ensues. These ceremonies provide participants with the opportunity to either keep their current partner or ‘uncouple’ to go with a new participant. 

In order to win Love Island, you have to still be a couple by the end of the show.  

Finally, the public votes for their favourite couple left at the end.

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