Air Malta launches in-flight breastfeeding policy

Air Malta has officially welcomed breastfeeding on board its flights and launched a policy to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week.

The international week dedicated to breastfeeding falls between August 1st and 7th, during which global awareness is raised to support its importance.

Air Malta said that breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to inform the cabin-crew during their flight for further assistance.

“To make the flight more comfortable for these breastfeeding mothers, our cabin crew have been briefed on this policy and they will endeavour to assist them in any way possible. This will make flying with Air Malta a more comfortable experience,” said Charlene Bebiano Oliveira, Head of Cabin Crew and In Flight Services.

In Malta, many parents embrace the idea of breastfeeding, however they are not always met with the support and protection that the natural infant feeding method deserves.

The Malta Midwives Association has worked together with Air Malta’s management, for Air Malta to be one of the few international airlines to support breastfeeding on board their aircraft.

“We are proud that our national airline has taken on such a humane move,” said Rebecca Gilson, Malta Midwives Association’s Secretary. “Breastfeeding women need ongoing support and protection in a society dominated by different messages, societal attitudes and marketing influences. We really hope that this new policy will eventually be taken on board by other airlines. I would also like to thank Pauline Fenech who also sits on the MMA committee who has put a lot of effort to make this policy a reality.”

Breastfeeding is known to have many short and long term benefits for both the mother and the baby and is internationally considered as the normative and the standard method of infant feeding.

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