Craving Zeppoli this weekend? Pippa Mattei's got you covered
Brie and Bacon Salad
Grilled Halloumi Salad
Braised rabbit with prunes
Traditional Maltese rabbit in garlic and wine
Lamb Rogan Josh
Maltese kusksu with ful
The ultimate cheesy bacon beef burgers
Chocolate egg rocky road
Creamy asparagus and mushroom shells
Watch Pippa Mattei make a prinjolata for carnival
Fine dining in the sky (Video:Chris Mangion/Clifford Camilleri)
Watch Michael Diacono barbecue octopus with Asian spices.
Watch Pippa Mattei make an easy lemonade, ideal for the hot summer.
Watch Sean Gravina make Asian shellfish in cartoccio, an easy dish to put on the barbecue.
Watch Pippa Mattei make a delicious barbecued dessert with bananas, marshmallows and chocolate.
Watch Pippa Mattei use local figs in a crumbly galette.
Watch Sean Gravina make an easy dessert of local figs with mascarpone and berry preserves.
Watch Sean Gravina make a giant vol-au-vent stuffed with local figs and goat cheese.

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