Debono questions viability of bunkering tax increase

Increase in bunkering tax may have negative effects on bunkering services provided in Malta, says Kristy Debono.

Nationalist MP Kristy Debono
Nationalist MP Kristy Debono

Nationalist MP Kristy Debono raised questions on the impact that the increase in taxes on bunkering may have on the services provided in Malta.

Addressing parliament this morning on the budgetary vote for the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, Debono asked whether the necessary studies had been carried out to assess the impact of the tariff increase.

"Will bunkering services provided in Malta remain viable?" Debono said, adding that while the government reiterated commitments to invest in maritime, yet the budget was "weak" in this regard.

"It was the previous administration that started discussing a proposal for the development of a yacht marina in Sa Maison and was only fleetingly mentioned by the Prime Minister in his reply," she said.

Speaking on the government's proposals to address traffic congestion, Debono said the government should approach the problem with seriousness, work on innovative projects that were feasible and which rendered results in the immediate term.

"Problems related to transport and traffic are worsening by the day. We have to implement decisions that make sense and which alleviate the traffic congestion," she added.

In her concluding remarks, Debono urged the government against increasing the burden on families and business. "Amid much speculation", she said that one hoped there would be no surprises after the budget which would increase the financial burden.

Debono said she didn't want to be "specific" on the issue she was referring to as not to raise any alarms.

"The minister knows what proposals he has before of him on the country's transport system. I sincerely urge him to avoid giving us negative surprises after the budget."

Thank you for your observations Hon. Debono. It would now be wise for the government to follow your advice and proceed forward and make his promises come true.. The past is over and done with and we need to all work altogether for a better Malta.. unfortunately till now we are seeing none of the promises realised.. the law courts are the only institution who seem to benefit from this government..
mrs debono it was only your PN that has put pressures on the maltese families! yes of course all the projects were pn's ideas but in 25v years you did not have time to implement them! live mrs debono and let us live in peace... we are not cwiec maltin!
Debono said she did not want to be specific.... I ssolitu sweeping statements minn naha tal PN bla provi
Nationalist MP Kristy Debono should know that Labour administrations never gave surprises after budgets which increased financial burdens. On the contrary it was always during Nationalists administrations which without fail gave unsavoury surprises to one and all after every budget they presented.