GRTU welcomes eco-tax removal on certain items

GRTU welcomes removal of eco-tax on certain items but criticises lack of reversal of last year's increases in vehicle licenses. 

The Malta chamber of small and medium enterprises (GRTU) welcomed the government’s budget announcement that eco-tax will be removed on certain items, such as electronic devices.

“Removal of the eco-tax was one of our priority proposals for Budget 2015,” the GRTU said in a statement. “Even though the measure as announced in the Budget excludes a number of products at this stage, we consider this as a big win following the intense pressure we put in and especially since GRTU’s proposed solution seems to have been adopted.”

However, they said that their optimism is only cautious following a lack of results after the government’s commitment to review the eco-tax last year.

“The government has this year introduced an expiry date for this tax in ten months’ time, which it considers necessary to affect the required shifts in line with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive,” the GRTU said. “We will continue following this issue closely to ensure the deadline is met and expects to partner in the actualisation. We will ensure the new system is fair and establishes a level playing-field.”

The GRTU also welcomed the government’s commitment to tackle unfair business competition and improve the access to finance for small and medium enterprises.

However, the GRTU criticised the lack of a reversal of last year’s increases in licenses for commercial vehicles.

“We will continue insisting with the Government that these increases were introduced without consultation and economic impact assessment,” the GRTU said. “From a general overview of this year’s Budget, it transpires that further increases might be foreseen. GRTU feels these affect our enterprises` competitiveness very negatively and GRTU will immediately endeavour in addressing the issue.”

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