Police solve €300,000 air conditioning theft

900 air conditioning sets were stolen over a period of nine months

Police have found the perpetrators of a major theft involving €300,000 worth of air condition sets, stolen from a private warehouse in the Tal-Ħandaq Industrial Area within Qormi.

According to police, the sets were stolen over a period of nine months.

On December 16 last year, police were informed by the affected company that there were missing air conditioning sets in their warehouse.

Further investigations throughout the following weeks found that 900 sets had been stolen, valued at €300,000.

Those investigations led to the identification of eight men, aged between 35 and 59, as suspects in the case.

Police conducted searches on various residences, garages and other warehouses, and 800 of those stolen sets were recovered and returned to the company.

The investigations are ongoing.