Compilation of evidence against Keith Schembri’s wife postponed to next month

The compilation of evidence against Josette Schembri Vella for money laundering has been postponed because one of the prosecuting inspectors is abroad

Josette Schembri Vella en route to court (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
Josette Schembri Vella en route to court (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)

The compilation of evidence in the money laundering case against Josette Schembri Vella, former OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri’s wife, stalled this morning after one of the prosecuting inspectors was abroad.

Schembri Vella stands charged with laundering money between 2008 and 2020 and failing to observe all of the duties of a company director.

She is married to the former Muscat administration’s Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri, who is himself accused of money laundering in separate proceedings.

When the case was called this morning, Police Inspector Ian Camilleri was summoned to the stand but informed the court that he could not elaborate on the case as his colleague Inspector Leanne Bonello was not available for the sitting. Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech was not pleased, rebuking the prosecution for its unpreparedness.

On their part, defence lawyers Edward Gatt, Veronique Dalli and Mark Vassallo told the court that they were contesting prima facie, arguing that there was insufficient evidence to place the woman under a bill of indictment.

The case was put off till next month for the inspector to testify.

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