Thefts from fellow students lands Turkish youth in court

Turkish student gets a conditional discharge after admitting to stealing €40 from the wallets of other students.

A16-year old Turkish youth pleaded guilty to stealing €40 from a room at the Milano Due Hotel in Gzira.

The case came to the attention of the police when two language students and their group leader called at the Sliema Police Station to file a theft report. They claimed that a €20 note had gone missing from each of their wallets.

The students suspected the Turkish youth, claiming it was not the first time they had seen him wearing clothes belonging to others. "He once told us that locking our suitcases was futile because he knew the code", one of the students told the police.

Attributing the incident to the folly of youth, defence counsel Jason Grima filed a guilty plea and pledged that the youth would repay the stolen money. The lawyer also explained to the court that the youth studies in Malta and though he will be leaving on Monday, he will return again next year.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke conditionally discharged the youth for one year and ordered him to repay the stolen cash.

Inspector Jason Sultana prosecuted, while Dr Jason Grima appeared for the accused.

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