Police deny receiving information about bombs

Jason Galea told a court that explosives were stored in the victim's garage, and may even have been used in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia

This morning, police denied claims, which were made in court yesterday, that they had been informed of bombs kept in a garage.

Jason Galea, 41, from Birzebbugia, made the claims and told a court that the bombs have now “disappeared”.

The court was hearing evidence against Galea, as well as Ronald Urry, 49, from Paola, who were charged with murder of taxi driver Matthew Zahra. The two allegedly lured Zahra to a field in Birzebbugia, where they shot and buried him.

Galea informed the police that Zahra had been blackmailing him with a photograph, which had the potential to destroy his marriage.

Zahra’s remains were found to be buried in the same field, in which the bodies of Mario Camilleri, nicknamed ‘L-Imniehru’, and his son Mario had been discovered, after they were killed in July of 2013.

Galea appeared in court, unassisted, and said that he required a legal aid lawyer.

He told prosecuting officer inspector Fabian Fleri “Mario (sr) used to keep bombs in Matthew’s garage. Have any investigations been carried out? We know what just happened. They’re still running around”.

The court attempted to explain to the accused that this was not the way things worked and that this was not connected to the case in which he was accused.

The man continued, and said “you know that two days ago a woman was killed by a bomb, right?”

Contrary to this, the police said that Jason Galea never came forward with any information about bombs.