Man accused of burglary, being part of ‘circle of criminality’

The prosecution said the man was part of a 'circle of criminality' specialising in house burglary 

A man from Georgia has been remanded in custody after he was accused of being part of a gang of burglars who targeted residences. 

Inspectors Lydon Zammit and Christina Delia arraigned Georgian Elguja Bzikadze, 30, before magistrate Monica Vella and accused him of conspiracy, stealing jewellery from houses in Balzan, St. Paul’s Bay and Mosta.

The prosecution described the man as forming part of a “circle of criminality.” Bzikadze is suspected of being part of a foreign gang which specialises in house burglary.

The man, who has no fixed address, pleaded not guilty.

Magistrate Vella denied bail as the man had no address.

As the accused said that he suffered from an infectious disease, the court ordered that he be medically examined in order for the proper precautions to be taken at Corradino Correctional Facility.

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