Two arrested over theft from Suq tal-Belt

Two men were arrested over a theft from a food establishment at Suq tal-Belt (Valletta market), one of whom, identified as a taxi driver, is known to police

Suq tal-Belt
Suq tal-Belt

Two men were arrested over a robbery at Suq tal-Belt (Valletta market) around 2pm this afternoon.

Police have said that police are still investigating a theft of a substantial amount of money from a food establishment outside the Suq tal-Belt premises.

Media reports say that the man allegedly entered inside the establishment and took a bag containing a sum of money and ran off. He entered a taxi which he then drove in the direction of the cruise passenger terminal, followed by employees of the establishment in question.

Members of the Police Rapid Intervention Unit immediately started searches in various places near the capital and observed vehicles, with the aim of intercepting the car indicated by the establishment workers.

An hour after the Police received the report, the Police identified the vehicle which was parked at the Sliema front and arrested the alleged perpetrator and another person. Reports say that the driver is well known to Police and had been previously charged with thefts from apartments and vehicles.

Police are still investigating the case and both suspects have been taken into their custody. The amount stole is as yet unknown.