PM announces Gozo will be first to derive all its energy from renewable sources

Robert Abela emphasises with his supporters, that a strong mandate on 26 March, would matter

Prime Minister Robert Abela on Saturday (Photo:PL)
Prime Minister Robert Abela on Saturday (Photo:PL)

Prime Minister Robert Abela said Gozo will be the first in the country to derive all the energy it consumes from renewable sources.

Abela said this during a Labour Party rally in Sannat, Gozo on Saturday in front a sizeable crowd of enthusiastic Labour supporters. He said he considers Gozo a symbol of change and a pioneer in Malta's digital transformation.

Abela emphasised with the Labour supporters that the victory in the general election was not to be taken for granted, and that a sizeable victory would matter.

“You need the mandate to enact the measures that you propose. I am here to ask you to give me my first mandate, as every election starts at a neutral score. The stronger the mandate we have, the more our country could move forward,” Abela said.

The PM said that Gozitans have more obstacles in life and said that when the Maltese economy was not doing well, they suffered more than the Maltese did.

Abela said that every company in the digital field that starts operating from Gozo will be given a tax credit of up to €50,000 and that any investment in fixed capital in Gozo, would be given a grant of 40% of the investment made. He added that a PL government would be setting up a new center of excellence for research in Gozo and will invest in Gozo at least €162M in European funds

During his speech Abela let himself go, straining his voice to the limit as he looked impressed with the reception he received in Gozo. The rally was well attended and the supporters that flocked to the event sounded their enthusiasm through their applauses and horn honking. An elderly couple seen through the crowd sported a facemask with Abela’s face stamped on it.

"We are the party of the future. You know where you stand with us," Abela concluded.