Fleur Vella: ‘My inspiration are the measures that improve people’s wellbeing’

Fleur Vella, Labour candidate on the seventh district, believes people will vote for a comfortable living standard that allows families to have enough free time together

Fleur Vella
Fleur Vella

When and why did you decide to be active in politics?

I always believed politics had the power to change people’s lives. For me politics is a vocation. My education, through reading a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration, as well as deciding to work in the private sector, were choices aimed at being able to understand and serve the local electorate. I became active in politics officially by being a candidate in the MEP elections of 2014.

What were the reasons that made you choose one political formation from another?

For me the greatest achievement of the Labour Party has been free childcare for all. Another great achievement was maternity leave paid from a maternity fund which made it no longer more financially viable to employ a man rather than a woman.

Both childcare facilities and maternity fund schemes helped women come closer to equality and provided a means for them to be able to fulfil their full potential. The Labour Party always remained in contact with people hearing also the humblest. I chose to be part of the Labour Party to be with people and work to fulfil their needs.

What inspires you in politics?

My inspiration are the measures that improve people’s wellbeing. During the pandemic, the government enabled businesses to allow their workers to work from home. This method of work was highly resisted, but the pandemic completely demolished all resistance. It was the only way to keep working going.

The possibility of working from home was a priceless help for families to be able to reach a better balance between work and private life. Of course, there are people who feel working from home is not beneficial for them. However, the workplace has been transformed and many have understood how to improve their life.

How are you conducting your election campaign?

I believe the election campaign should be aimed explaining one’s political ideas to others. I have been doing so since the age of 10. The election campaign is not something one embarks upon when election is announced but is something one builds slowly along the years. I believe the electorate needs time to understand and start trusting the person.

I do not believe in promising the impossible or organising huge parties to attract people’s vote. I want my voters to know me personally and vote for me because they know my character and feel they can trust me.

What in your view are people’s concerns at the moment?

People’s main concern is being able to have a decent standard of living. Most people want to earn an honest living safely, to have resources to take care of their family, have resources to take care of themselves as well as enjoy free time together with their loved ones in a pleasant environment. Measures addressing continued economic growth, affordability of property, affordability of consumer goods, work life balance and creating accessible open green spaces are essential.

What are your personal expectations in the next general election?

I wish people will vote for the party which allows them to achieve and maintain a comfortable living standard. Families deserve to have enough free time together. We need a government to transform neglected spaces to recreational areas as Fort Ricasoli and Inwadar park. This would allow us to continue creating wealth through greater investment and thus be able to sustain our social services as pensions and services for disabled.