Bernard Grech says a gap reduction between parties would be a positive for democracy

Grech appeals for the votes of those that want to see the gap reduced between PL and PN 

PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo:PN)
PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo:PN)

PN leader Bernard Grech appealed to those voters that wanted to see the gap reduced between the parties, to vote PN and strengthen the Opposition and democracy in Malta.

In Balzan, during one of the best attended mid-week PN rallies in the campaign so far, Grech adopted a new strategy and appealed to voters that wanted a stronger Opposition. It is no secret that PN trails PL by a considerable number of votes according to the surveys, but it is the first time Grech spoke of "gap reduction" as a positive for his party.

After thanking PN loyalists and floaters that were voting PN for the first time, Grech shifted his focus onto disgruntled Labourties. "Humbly I ask you to consider picking the vote and vote PN. That is the best way for you to reduce the gap and send a message to Robert Abela that you had enough of his arrogance," Grech said.

"If you are focused on reducing the gap, by voting PN you would be strengthening the Opposition and democracy in Malta."

He then proceeded to appeal to those that wanted to see a PN in government. “That responsibility could be handed over to the PN, that has after 10 years recognised its shortcomings and is now prepared to govern. No one doubts it is ready to provide endless opportunities to the Maltese."

Grech called Prime Minister Robert Abela’s claims that the his house had been built illegally, "nothing but lies". He said that Abela purchased a villa built illegally in an ODZ area in 2017 for €600,000, “that nowadays doesn’t even get you a terraced house.”

“Robert Abela lies and spins as he had no defence for his actions,” Grech said.

He reiterated that a PL government would be taking back the wage supplement from businesses, if re-elected in government.

Grech said the 10 new economic sectors PN pledged in this campaign, would be leaving no negative impact on the environment. He also mentioned the trackless tram proposal, saying this was well studied and would offer a solution to Malta’s traffic problems.

“In 2013 Labour promised that the environment would be a priority and now they are saying it again. They are admitting that they failed on the environment,” Grech said.

He even mocked PL’ s 2017 slogan ('The best times') and said 70% of Maltese youths wanted to leave the country during those best times. “So how many would want to leave in the worst times?”

Former PN leader Adrian Delia who is contesting the eight and seventh districts spoke of the court sitting earlier in the day, involving the hospitals concession deal with Vitals.

Delia received the loudest applauses of the night as he said the government provided no proof that the deal was fair, and accused it of “robbing” the taxpayers.

PN candidate Beppe Fenech Adami said the Labour government was “tired of governing but not tired of stealing”. He said that just before attending the meeting, his father [former Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami] told him that Bernard Grech had already left his mark on local politics.

Other candidates that are contesting the eight district spoke about Labour stalwart Joe Debono Grech’s comments when he said that people got something in return for Labour’s corruption. The PN candidates condemned the comments and said corruption was never justified.

David Agius, Michael Asciak, Adrian Delia, Beppe Fenech Adami, Angelo Micallef, David Pace Ross, Alex Perici Calascione, Justin Schembri, Dorian Sciberras, Julie Zahra and Josianne Cardona Gatt are contesting the district - made up of the localities of Balzan, Birkirkara, Fleur-de-Lys, Swatar, Iklin and Lija.