ADPD candidate slams Mrieħel bypass project that will threaten farmland

ADPD candidate Sandra Gauci says that no more farmland should be lost to road-widening projects, especially at a time when food security has become a global issue

The farm land in Qormi (left), ADPD candidate Sandra Gauci (right)
The farm land in Qormi (left), ADPD candidate Sandra Gauci (right)

ADPD candidate Sandra Gauci slammed Infrastructure Malta's plans to widen the Mrieħel bypass and build a flyover, which will take up 15 acres of farmland.

Gauci, who is a candidate on the 6th District, said the current crisis of food shortages caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine made it all the more important to protect agricultural land.

“We should be taking care of our farmers and not treat them as disposable and no longer continue to sacrifice fertile land for the sake of cars,” Gauci said.

The candidate said that the Qormi local council proposal made more sense and would result in less damage. “That might be seen as the less profitable option by developers who want to line their pockets,” she said.

In March 2021, Qormi local council had proposed a tunnel below the existing road, instead of a flyover. The existing surface road would be transformed into a “green mile” where low-speed traffic can be directed to neighbouring localities.

Gauci said that the party is proposing fewer cars on the road. “Reducing cars from the roads will reduce traffic congestion and an improvement in the quality of life, including greater safety on our roads for all,” she said.

Gauci said it was high time people realised building on arable land was not the way to reduce traffic. “When will they recognise the importance of the farmer's work? Why is the voice of the people of Qormi not being listened to?” the candidate questioned.

Gauci said that ADPD would ensure that these green areas are left alone if elected in parliament.