IVF reform, Żonqor land return and femicide law are first priorities for government

Rebecca Buttigieg and Alicia Bugeja Said are sworn in as parliamentary secretaries as Prime Minister lays down government's first priorities when parliament meets

Rebecca Buttigieg (left) and Alicia Bugeja Said (right) with the PM and the President (Photo: DOI)
Rebecca Buttigieg (left) and Alicia Bugeja Said (right) with the PM and the President (Photo: DOI)

Government's first legislative priorities when parliament re-opens will be the reform of the IVF law, the transfer back to government of land in Żonqor and femicide legislation, Robert Abela said.

The Prime Minister was talking to journalists just after the swearing-in ceremony of two new parliamentary secretaries - Rebecca Buttigieg and Alicia Bugeja Said.

Abela said the IVF reform will be delivered in the first 100 days. During the election campaign, the PL pledged to change the IVF law to enable couples who have had unsuccessful IVF cycles, those with a medical history and others who have miscarried to benefit from the latest scientific technology.

Abela also mentioned that the government will be actively working on the return of the American Univeristy of Malta (AUM) land at Marsaskala’s Żonqor Point, to the public. An area in Bormla slated to house dormitories for the AUM, will also be handed back to the government in an exchange that will see AUM granted a lease at Smart City.

The Prime Minister also promised the government will be actively working on legislation, that would be introducing femicide to the Criminal Code. The law had started to be discussed in February but will have to be tabled again.

New parliamentary secretaries

Labour MPs Rebecca Buttigieg and Alicia Bugeja Said were earlier sworn in as parliamentary secretaries.

Buttigieg was elected through a casual election on the 9th District, whilst Bugeja said was elected through the gender corrective mechanism.

Buttigieg has been appointed as parliamentary secretary for reforms and equality within Byron Camilleri's Home Affairs Ministry. The anthropologist Bugeja Said, a former director of Malta’s fisheries department, will become parliamentary secretary for fishing, aquaculture and animal rights within Anton Refalo’s Agriculture Ministry.

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