Greens urge voters to ‘make history”

Alternattiva Demokratika says an increasing number of persons can make history by electing AD in parliament.

Michael Briguglio
Michael Briguglio

Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson Michael Briguglio expressed his belief in the Green Party's chances of being elected to Parliament.

Addressing a press conference in Sliema, Briguglio said: "I invite undecided voters to make history by voting Green. 2,000 voters in a district can be the protagonists of the 2013 election by electing the third party in parliament."

Briguglio, contesting the eighth and tenth districts, added that AD voters could also move on to their preferred candidates of choice from other political parties.

"As AD chairperson I am confident of AD's election in parliament. I thank all those whose encouragement and support has helped bring about a green wave. We are not in parliament and we have already been influential in various issues, from divorce to EU membership, from raising consciousness on the environment to raising consciousness on disability issues. AD has constantly been years ahead of other parties on so many issues."

"Just imagine how more effective we will be in parliament," he added while stressing that AD would be the progressive voice of reason in Parliament.

"We will build bridges were necessary, beyond partisan tribalism. We will propose legislation that other parties do not propose in fear of egoistic lobbies. MPs from other parties will no longer be able to keep avoiding and ditching such issues. They will be free to agree or disagree with our proposals, but it will be ensured that our proposals are discussed in parliament," Briguglio said.

On his part, AD deputy chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said: "It is with satisfaction that AD looks back at this electoral campaign in which it did not participate in an auction of electoral promises but rather emphasised responsible politics."

He noted that AD is well prepared to put in practice a progressive agenda in Parliament in the coming weeks, "an agenda based on the principles of accountability and transparency such that Parliament takes back from government the authority to make appointments on public bodies consequently laying the foundations for a 5 year programme of action which focuses on the interests of all the population - no one excluded."

Cacopardo pointed out that in Parliament, AD, both if forming part of government or of the Opposition would be the guarantee that public institutions are led by competent persons capable of implementing a progressive agenda.

"AD can proceed along this path as it is not held hostage by anyone and hence it is free such that its actions are planned to benefit the whole community. We aim that all public institutions make use of the best available local talent without excluding anyone. This would be a necessary first step to ensure that the whole country moves forward in tandem.  On this basis we can construct a politics which, because it does not discrimate, is capable of implementing social justice, protection of the environment as well as protection of the civil rights of all".

Cacopardo also noted that polls released by MaltaToday confirm the steady increase of persons declaring they will vote AD, as well as a great number of undecided voters.

"An increasing number of persons can therefore make history by electing AD in parliament," he added.

In the poll published today, AD polled at 2.5% while undecided voter tally to 15.2%. Morover, 9.2% of respondents did not answer.