[WATCH] Leaders vote as long queues reported around several polling stations

Maltese President George Abela, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, Opposition leader Joseph Muscat and Alternattiva Demokratika chairman Michael Briguglio vote in 2013 general elections.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and wife Kate vote in Marsaskala.
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and wife Kate vote in Marsaskala.

Voting at polling stations started early this morning, with Opposition leader Joseph Muscat being the first of the three political leaders to cast his vote.

Accompanied by his wife Michelle, Muscat voted at 9am in Burmarrad. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and his wife Kate voted at 10am in Marsaskala followed by the President of the Republic George Abela and his Margaret.

Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson Michael Briguglio voted at 10am in Sliema.

Polling stations opened at 7am and will close at 10pm this evening. The voting will continue uninterrupted during the day. Long queues have been reported at several polling stations, including in Qormi, Zejtun and Zabbar.

6,523 voting documents remained uncollected while 326,296 are eligible to vote for the 269 candidates. 29,000 voters will be voting for the first time. Last Saturday, around 2,000 Maltese who live abroad came to Malta to vote.

Patients in hospitals and around 4,800 assistant electoral commissioners voted yesterday.

The organization by the Police in Zabbar Polling Place of Triq il-Vulcan was disastrous . There was no barriers available to keep the queues in order . Even when the Police tried to put the queues in order by the number of each polling booth , they made a mess . In polling booth Nr 87 we had to wait more then 2hr 30min from the last person that entered in that polling booth . In fact Me and my wife spent 3hr 15min waiting to vote . When I asked a policman , why there was no barriers , he said that it was the electoral commission responsability to provide them .