Peter Agius lifts lid on campaign expenses, declares fruit and veg donations

The Nationalist Party MEP candidate releases a breakdown of election campaign expenses, which have reached €23,000 so far

Peter Agius has declared his campaign expenses so far
Peter Agius has declared his campaign expenses so far

Strawberries, eggplant, potatoes and other vegetables worth €60 in all were donated to Nationalist Party candidate Peter Agius during his campaign visits to farms.

Agius has just released the cost of his personal election campaign, which has so far reached €22,840.

Included in the list of expenses he has disseminated, were fruit and vegetable donations made to him by farmers he visited throughout the past nine months. Agius has made it a point to focus his personal campaign on rural issues.

“I tried not accepting the fruit and vegetables donated by the farmers but they told me they would be insulted and would not vote for me,” Agius added with a smile.

The candidate also admitted receiving €3,600 in donations ranging between €7 and €10 each from 36 events organised by his campaign team.

Agius also listed 4,500 hours of voluntary work by a team of 45 friends, who helped distribute flyers, prepare envelopes, prepared home visits, edited videos and contacted supporters.

The MEP candidate said he has spent €3,500 on 36 activities, including a backdrop, the renting out of a PA system, “some Kinnie and food items, which very often are donated free by friends”.

Agius also spent €700 on professional photography and video editing, €1,890 on air tickets for 42 flights between Malta and Brussels to be present for party activities throughout the campaign.

He also spent €3,550 on newspaper and online advertising and €850 on Facebook advertising.

MEP candidates are allowed by law to spend up to €50,000 on their electoral campaigns. Candidates will have to fill in a declaration after the election stating the expenses they made for the period since the election was formally called.

Agius has taken the obligation one step further, opting to disclose his expenses before the election.

“I believe this expenditure was an investment in our country because we have managed to show how through Europe we can deliver results for Maltese and Gozitans,” Agius said as he urged other candidates to be transparent and declare their expenses.

Peter Agius's declaration


  • €3,500 on 36 activities
  • €700 on professional photography services
  • €1,890 on air tickets between Brussels and Malta to attend party events
  • €1,800 filming and broadcasting of interviews on Smash TV
  • €3,600 in printing of flyers, cards, invites, banners and posters
  • €800 in telephone bills
  • €650 in texting services
  • €3,550 in newspaper and online adverts
  • €850 in Facebook advertising
  • €5,300 in postal services
  • Four months of personal leave

Donations received

  • €3,600 received in donations from 36 activities
  • 4,500 hours of voluntary work contributed by 45 volunteers
  • €60 donations in eggplant, potatoes, strawberries, broad beans and other vegetables

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