[WATCH] Does Robert Abela want Cyrus Engerer to contest European election? 'Yes, definitely'

Robert Abela says Cyrus Engerer still has a lot to offer and Labour's door is still open for a Gozitan candidate for the European Parliament election

Abela was speaking to journalists following a special cabinet meeting at Siġġiewi’s Dar tal-Providenza
Abela was speaking to journalists following a special cabinet meeting at Siġġiewi’s Dar tal-Providenza

Incumbent MEP Cyrus Engerer is still undecided whether to contest next June’s European election, but Robert Abela “definitely” wants him on the Labour ticket. 

On Tuesday, when asked whether he wants Engerer to contest, Abela replied: “Definitely I want him to contest. I believe that he has much more to contribute.” Abela described him as someone who says what he believes, even when their views don’t align. 

During the past months, Engerer has stood out as one of the few people within Labour who publicly voiced his disagreement on a number of issues. 

Engerer had called on government to return a parcel of garigue land in Mellieħa back to the public after a tender had been issued by the Lands Authority to hand it over to developers.

The Labour MEP is also one of the vocal pro-choice Labour representatives when it comes to abortion.

Abela also hinted that the Labour Party will have a Gozitan candidate for next June’s MEP elections.

He was answering the media’s questions one week after Gozitan MEP Josianne Cutajar announced that she would not be contesting the election. 

Responding to MaltaToday’s questions on whether there will be a Gozitan candidate for the MEP elections, Abela said that candidate nominations are still open.

Speculation surrounding Cutajar’s replacement as a Gozitan MEP has been rife following her resignation, especially since Abela reached out to ex-Gozitan MP Justyne Caruana in an attempt to reintegrate her into the party for the second time. 

Caruana had resigned from her post as education minister after she was caught giving a €15,000 contract to her partner who was unsuitable for the job.

Abela was speaking to journalists following a special cabinet meeting at Siġġiewi’s Dar tal-Providenza.

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