Transport Ministry devising a ‘five year plan’

Speaking in an interview published in this Sunday’s edition of Illum, Transport Minister Joe Mizzi speaks about Maltese roads, local transport and making good on electoral promises.

Joe Mizzi.
Joe Mizzi.

In an interview with Sunday newspaper Illum, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi said that his ministry is devising a "five year plan".

"We are of course committed to implementing the promises outlined in our electoral manifesto, chief among them being the development of a link between the housing estates in Qormi."

Mizzi also said that efforts will be made to tackle the traffic situation in Kappara and Triq Dicembru 13.

Asked about why the maritime aspect of the transport and infrastructure ministry seems to have fallen to the wayside, Mizzi assured that everything is being done "according to plan".

"When it came to tackling problematic areas, we have taken clear decisions and didn't procrastinate," Mizzi said, citing as an example the repair works on the deep water quay.

Read the full interview in today's edition of Illum.

Has the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi given a bit of thought about the traffic mess that exists on Main Street (GBO St) Mellieha? Maybe the nice Minister should spend a few hours along this piece of road especially on a National Holiday or maybe on a Summer Saturday and Sunday afternoons and experience the same effects that a lot of Melliehin have to put up with. This is one of the most congested thoroughfare roads in the country but nobody seems to care much. He can pick a spot between the PL Club and the PN Club along this piece of road and he will get a taste of what bad traffic is all about.
I am loving this administration. We were missing the five year plans for the last 25 years. We were promised a roadmap by PL but now we are having something more tangible - a five year plan for the roads. This administration is a restaurative one. It is actively rehabilitating the Mintoff years. Well done PL. Back to the roots.
Emmanuel Mallia
Keep on doing the good work, Joe. You are the best performer so far !