On Facebook, Delia taunts Abela’s hundredth day in office with ‘100’ gift list

Delia tells PM ‘give back Steward hospitals to taxpayer’

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

The Opposition leader Adrian Delia has said Malta prime minister Robert Abela should give back Maltese taxpayers €100 million the government is paying out to the US hospital giant Steward for the controversial privatisation of three state hospitals.

The PN leader’s message was posted on Facebook in response to Abela’s speech marking his first 100 days in office.

Abela pays tribute to foreign workers in speech marking 100 days as PM

Crafted with a generous sprinkling of emoticons, Delia suggested a gift list for Abela’s end-of-honeymoon by latching on to the number 100.

“Hi Robert, seems like someone remembered it was your hundredth day in office. So you deemed it fit to gift yourself to national TV once more, at 10 pm. To flaunt about your predecessor’s successes. Oh forgot, those are yours too given you were his lawyer, right? Given as an opposition we don’t have the prerogative to use national TV as our own I can only suggest we share a few gifts to celebrate this centenary.

“The first: 100 million in cash by cancelling the Vitals contract; the second: a 100 days free water and electricity bill period from the great Electrogas theft, who are making millions courtesy of your criminal friend Konrad Mizzi; the third: helping and assisting the 100 thousand employees who you have decided to abandon during these unprecedented times, albeit flaunting surpluses past in their faces. And to top this, you can state this to my face, a 100 days since you promised to debate me and still shy away from staring truth in the eyes.

“Just a thought. I’m not holding my breath for 100 seconds.”