[WATCH] Realtà presenter accidentally livestreams himself advising Delia’s people on show of force

“You fucking need to get the people out – not just noise”, TVM host Brian Hansford tells Adrian Delia supporters

The presenter of Realtà on TVM, Brian Hansford, livestreamed himself offering advice to supporters of embattled Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia – suggesting the journalist was eager to prop up Delia against his rebel MPs. 

Hansford, a former One TV presenter, is heard telling Delia’s supporters outside the PN headquarters when the PN leader faced a second no-confidence motion, that they need a strong show of force.

Hansford is heard commiserating with Delia supporters on the situation that has seen PN MPs split after critics and members of the PN’s old guard successfully moved a motion of no-confidence against the PN leader.

“It’s not fair, it’s just not fair,” Hansford can be heard saying, goading the supporters to present a show of force against Delia’s critics, who are viewed by the Labour Party as a more formidable opposition to Delia’s rock-botttom appeal among the wider electorate.

He then points out that the only mistake made by Delia’s supporters is that they do not turn up in numbers. “You fucking need to get the people out – not just noise,” the chat show host says. “It’s easy. I’ll tell you how you can get the numbers. Everyone here should bring five people with them,” he tells the persons when they ask how they can rally people. “It’s pressure!” 

“How many where you here? A 100? Il-ostra...” 

He then starts talking about the pressure from internal structures within the party against Delia, before one of the people he is talking to points out that he was streaming on Facebook live. 

The recording was probably taken in the early hours of the morning while PN supporters awaited the outcome of the party’s national executive, which passed a motion of no-confidence against Delia – the second such motion after he was repudiated by a majority of his MPs. 

Hansford was the first journalist to offer Delia a platform on the day the President of the Republic declared the PN leader was still the Opposition leader despite a majority of the PN’s MPs declaring they had no trust in him. The programme allowed the beleaguered party leader ample time to hit out at his critics, with Delia entertaining the questions and sparing little time on the Labour government’s actions. 

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