Malta supports Lebanese republic with €50,000 contribution

Malta contributes €50,000 from development assistance funds for Beirut humanitarian efforts after explosion

Hospitals were said to be overwhelmed and many buildings were destroyed
Hospitals were said to be overwhelmed and many buildings were destroyed

Malta is supporting the Lebanese republic with a financial contribution of €50,000 from its official development assistance budget following the devastating explosion in Beirut.

On Tuesday at around 6pm local time a large explosion rocked the Lebanese capital, Beirut causing widespread damage, killing at least 100 people and injuring 4,000 others.

President Michel Aoun said the cause was 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate which had been stored unsafely in a warehouse for six years.

“The emergency response from the Maltese Government is an expression of full solidarity with the government and the people of Lebanon, contributing to the hope that the global humanitarian assistance will help the country to overcome the destructive aftermath in the shortest time possible,” the foreign ministry said.

The ministry said it remained engaged as a proactive player in the global humanitarian scene. It said this commitment could be witnessed by the regular and timely financial contributions in direct response to new crises, such as last November’s earthquake in Albania and the various contributions in aid of various UN appeals amid the COVID-19 pandemic to assist the most affected.

“In this spirit, an urgent appeal is being made for the international community to heed the call by the Lebanese government for assistance without undue delay,” it said.

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