COVID-19 vaccine strategy to be announced tomorrow - Robert Abela

Abela made the announcement this morning, while further giving his two cents on the proposed Ħal Ferħ development

Photo: Partit Laburista
Photo: Partit Laburista

Details of a COVID-19 vaccine strategy will be announced tomorrow in Parliament by Health Minister Chris Fearne.

Robert Abela made the announcement today during a Labour Party political activity that took place in Marsaxlokk.

While thanking Fearne for his work during the pandemic, Abela stressed the need for discipline and responsibility in the weeks before the vaccine reaches Malta.

“In the beginning of January we start the road so that in March our economy recovers and in May business as usual. We are truly looking to see one of the best years,” he said.

Abela went on to praise local business as being a crucial pillar of the economy, and is urging companies to continue their investments despite the pandemic. He mentioned a €25 million investment towards elderly care, along with a €6 million project from AX Holdings.

The Prime Minister went on to comment on the Ħal Ferħ development planned to be carried out by Corinthia Group, with particular anger directed towards the Nationalist Party for voting against the development in a parliamentary committee.

“This is a sustainable development of quality, expected to attract tourism and create jobs, but it was the Nationalist Party in government that had given the right to investors to develop this land,” he said.

He shared a similar sentiment on the Malta-Gozo tunnel project, with Bernard Grech coming out in favour of a referendum on the topic. “In 2013 they took a clear stance on the project - everyone agreed that the project needs to happen,” Abela said.

“Now that Bernard Grech entered the scene certain maneuvres began from party factions, and in one week they turned everything upside down.”