COVID: Catering association says calls for weekend curfew ‘unjust’

The Association of Catering Establishments says authorities should not impose curfew, but increase regulation on private gatherings

The Association of Catering Establishments has criticised calls for a weekend curfew, stating regulation should be increased at households and private gatherings.

Last week the Medical Association of Malta said a 9 pm curfew should be imposed between Friday and Sunday for at least two weeks. Their calls came following a warning that Mater Dei Hospital may soon reach a “breakpoint”.

The association said there has been no scientific evidence that the increase in COVID-19 cases is related to catering establishments.

“It is unjust to call for measures that will further impinge on the operation of Catering Establishments and their livelihood,” the association said.

ACE said it is common knowledge that various gatherings are occurring in private residences and in hired accommodation places, “even more so in the island of Gozo.”

In this respect, if the Health Authorities feel the need of further measures one should regulate visits in households by persons not habitually residing there and the gatherings in hired apartments or other accommodation places for the organisation of private gatherings of persons not habitually living together.

The catering association encouraged members to continue observing protocols, while calling on health authorities to step up education campaigns on mitigation measures.

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