Pablo Micallef replaces Oliver Scicluna on PBS board

Veteran presenter Pablo Micallef set to replace Oliver Scicluna on PBS board following parliamentary co-option

Pablo Micallef
Pablo Micallef

Veteran presenter Pablo Micallef will be taking Oliver Scilcuna’s post on the Public Broadcasting Services’ board following his co-option earlier this month.

The former Disability Commissioner was hand-picked by the Prime Minister Robert Abela to replace former Finance Minister Edward Scicluna as MP in the House of Representatives.

Scicluna replaced former minister Gavin Gulia, who won the casual election for the 7th District seat vacated by Edward Scicluna after obtaining 2,216 votes in a runoff with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando.

Gulia resigned immediately following his swearing-in.

Last September a new PBS board was formed. It is currently being headed by University of Malta vice-rector and media expert Prof. Carmen Sammut, a former newscaster herself at the State broadcaster.

The board now comprises actor and TV presenter Ray Calleja, former Nationalist MP and current secretary-general of the Malta Developers Association, Marthese Portelli, the sociologist and also PBS press review presenter Maria Brown, former trade unionist Jeremy Camilleri and Adriana Zarb Adami, director of Global Capital health insurer Bupa.

The announcement came following the signing of an agreement by the government to secure €30 million in funding for PBS over the next five years.

Announcing the replacement, Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister Carmelo Abela thanked Scicluna for his work, while wishing well Micallef for his new job on the board.

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