[WATCH] Man savagely beaten in Buġibba refused medical assistance

A video has emerged of a man being brutally beaten by four other men is doing the rounds on social media • Police say victim refused medical assistance and declined to give information on aggressors 

Screenshots of the video
Screenshots of the video

A 35-year-old Ukrainian national was savagely beaten by four other men in Buġibba yesterday, an incident that was captured on video and disseminated on social media.

Police have confirmed with MaltaToday that the victim who appears in the video is the same person who was spoken to yesterday when police received a report of a fight at around 3:30pm.

The incident happened in Triq Il-Korp Tal-Pijunieri and the video shows a group of four men beating up the victim by punching and kicking him while on the ground. One of the men also uses what appears to be a chain to hit the man while lying on the ground.

Towards the end of the video clip, the victim receives a kick to the face.

The police said the 35-year-old victim refused to divulge any information when police arrived on site. A spokesperson said the man did not identify his aggressors and also refused to accept medical help.