Road update app and direct bus routes for Gozitan students from 27 September

Back to School campaign by Transport Malta anticipates increased activity on the roads when schools reopen

Transport Minister Ian Borg (middle) with heads of Infrastructure Malta
Transport Minister Ian Borg (middle) with heads of Infrastructure Malta

Transport Malta is launching a mobile application, named MRTU, that will provide regular road and traffic updates to its users in anticipation of increased traffic as a result of schools reopening.

A direct bus service will be connecting Gozitan students who use the fast ferry to their educational institutions.

Route 300 will take students directly to fUniversity, Mater Dei, MCAST and Junior College. Route 150 will also be available for students that attend the Paola MCAST. 

Transport Minister Ian Borg and TM launched the Back to School campaign in preperation for the school reopening and the increased activity on the roads.

Borg said that TM is launching a campaign for more efficient and secure roads, and will launch new services that make better use of technology.

He said that the free towing service will remain available, from 6am to 9am and from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday. The freephone number is 80073399. 

Borg said that this service has been enacted to encourage the use of the fast ferry

He stated that Transport Malta has invested €100,000 for the purchase of four new motorcycles, that now brings the fleet to nine. For the first time, one of the motorcycles will be assisting motorists in Gozo.

TM has also invested in a light beaming gadget that will be worn by its official personnel, to indicate their presence on the roads at night. 

Borg appealed for respect on the road and for everyone to prepare their route earlier, in case of any road inconvenience. All the measures will come into effect on the day that schools reopen on 27 September.