Animal feeders say CCTV shows cat killer in BMW luring strays

60 stray cats unaccounted for across Malta, as animal activists claim man driving blue BMW is behind the animals’ disappearance

The man was filmed trying lure cats with no equipment or feeding bowls
The man was filmed trying lure cats with no equipment or feeding bowls

Around 60 stray cats are unaccounted for in several localities across Malta since the end of August, animal activist Romina Frendo has told MaltaToday.

Activists believe an unidentified individual has been caught attempting to lure friendly cats with a noose, owing to images caught on CCTV of the alleged captor driving a blue BMW.

Earlier this year, Simone Falzon, who owns Maori bar at Valletta's Il-Fossa, had warned the police about a man she spotted on CCTV trying to lure cats that live close to the bar, into snatching them.

On 28 August, Falzon filed a police report saying that she was worried that the unknown individual was committing something wrong to the cats. A few days later, Falzon had found two cats dead in the water next to the Maori bar, and decided to keep her five-month-old cat Milio indoors out of fear.

However, Falzon then noticed that Milo had gone missing while she was working at the bar and reported it. She filed the report on 2 September, but she found Milo's lifeless body in the sea the next morning.

Falzon shared CCTV footage of the day Milo went missing. The footage shows Milo under a van, as a man crouches next to it. The man was later arrested, and according to the police, he was charged. 

On 17 October, activist Romina Frendo posted a TikTok video of the same unidentified person whom she claimed is likely to be connected to the Maori incident.

The man in the video is seen trying to lure cats with no equipment or feeding bowls.

The man in the video quickly kicked away the food he was using to lure the cats when he realised he was being watched. Frendo said she had contacted the police regarding the incident. The man was seen driving a blue BMW in the CCTV footage.

Frendo claims he was also spotted in other areas with a noose. “There is no way he is trapping cats safely using a noose – it’s not a method any cat feeder on the island uses because it would most definitely hurt the cat,” she said. “We’re dealing with a sadist who gets pleasure from killing cats.”

Police told MaltaToday the case is being investigated.