Police union issues directives over COVID-19 booster doses

Malta Police Union says police should get COVID-19 booster before Christmas 

File photo
File photo

The Malta Police Union (MPU) have issued directives to its members as a dispute over COVID-19 booster doses continues.

The MPU said that mediation was being hijacked by including another union that was not part of the dispute registered by the union on 18 November.  

“The Union is aware that there are already over 1,500 Police officers who registered to receive the booster dose,” the union said.

The union had said the police should get their COVID-19 booster shot before the start of the Christmas period,

It said that its priority was the safety and wellbeing of its members and as such, it is directing its member who has not received the COVID-19 booster dose by 3 December to refrain from entering any building and premises, except when there is a call for help, in case of emergency or danger to the safety of another person.

The union said Police Officers who opted not to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or the Booster dose are not covered. “Members who receive their booster dose shall cease to abide with the directives,” the union said.