Three tickets win €1.5 million Super 5 jackpot

The three winners will get €503,333 each after guessing the winning numbers

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File Photo

The Super 5 jackpot of €1.5 million has been won by three players.

The numbers drawn were: 36 • 32 • 33 • 27 • 7.

The winners will be getting €503,333 for each ticket.

The tickets were purchased from St Julians, Marsa and Msida.

40 players managed to guess four numbers, winning €2,050 for each ticket.

1,715 players were able to guess three numbers, and will get €55.81 for each ticket.

Next week’s jackpot will not be less than €200,000.

Last year, a lucky person in Malta ended 2020 with an extra €1.02 million in their pocket after winning the Super 5 lottery, with a ticket purchased in Żejtun with the numbers 20, 26, 24, 2, and 5. According to Maltco, the winning player witnessed the televised draw on TV, telling the company he would use the money to pay off his children’s mortgages.