Għajn Żnuber tower vandalized after CCTV was stolen from area

Used engine oil was thrown over the tower facade on Friday night

Photo:HPF Ranger Unit/Facebook
Photo:HPF Ranger Unit/Facebook

The historic Għajn Żnuber Tower was vandalized on Friday night, according to the HPF Ranger Unit, only one day after CCTV footage in the area was stolen.

In a video posted on the unit's Facebook page, a trail of black oil can be seen streaming from the top of the tower’s stairs and splattered on nearby stones and dirt. The black substance appears to be used engine oil.

The Ta' Ciantar farmhouse, also known as Ta' Torri Ciantar, located in Mellieħa, has been closed off by the rangers who are asking for any information to be reported to the police.

The ranger unit reported on Thursday morning that the CCTV monitoring the tower had been cut down and the camera was stolen, which, coupled with the vandalism and the extreme weather, suggests a premeditated act.

In one of their Facebook comments, the unit said that some evidence has been secured for investigation.

The Għajn Żnuber Tower, believed to have been built in the late 19th century, has a rich history, having served as a lookout post during World War II.

After the war, it was abandoned and vandalised until restorations began in 2012, transforming it into the structure it is today.