New legal notice enables local councils to enforce parking permits

LESA can now enforce parking permits issued by local councils, following the release of a new legal notice

Local councils can now enforce parking permits through the Local Enforcement Systems Agency (LESA), following the release of a new legal notice.

The change comes after a prolonged dispute over responsibility for permit issuance, which was previously with Transport Malta, but was challenged after a court ruling last year.

The court ordered LESA to reimburse a €200 fine for a man whose car was towed and deemed the enforcement of the permits questionable until the appeal was resolved.

The amendment to the legislation now grants local councils the right to issue tow zone signs and allows applicants to display them.

Previously, court rulings stated that only a government entity could display the signs, but the new legal notice states that the notice can be "administered and affixed by the applicant himself" with the permission of the council.

Parking permits are frequently acquired by residents to reserve parking spaces for construction vehicles or skips.

The lack of enforcement in the past caused complaints and frustration among residents, including Malta's Got Talent judge Valentina Rossi, who recently expressed her dissatisfaction on social media.

However, with the new legal notice in effect, vehicles can now be towed if parked in violation of a permit.

A new tow zone sign has also been approved, advising applicants to display it 48 hours in advance and provide a time-stamped photo as evidence.

The sign now features the logo of the relevant local council instead of Transport Malta and instructs applicants to contact LESA in case of unauthorized parking.

LESA has encouraged motorists to register their phone number with the agency to avoid having their vehicles towed in tow-zone designated areas. To register, motorists can visit the LESA website at