Traffic casualties in 2021 increased by 32.9%, NSO figures show

National Statistics Office transport statistics show there are more cars than residents in the Gozo and Comino district, with 1,064 cars per 1,000 residents

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Traffic casualties in 2021 increased by 32.9% over the previous year, transport statistics issued by the National Statistics Office show.

The number of reported traffic accidents in 2021 increased by 2,185 over the previous year, reaching 14,135, with 35.3% of these accidents recorded in the Northern Harbour district.

The figures also show that injuries sustained by five drivers and four pedestrians proved fatal.

The stock of licensed vehicles increased at an average rate of 29 vehicles per day, with passenger cars accounting for 75.8% of total licensed motor vehicles. E-kick scooters registered the second largest increase over 2020, with alternative powered motor vehicles registering an increase of 61.6%.

The NSO’s figures show that newly licensed motor vehicles amounted to 21,034, or 8% more than 2020. 45.7% of the newly licensed motor vehicles were second hand.

The number of licensed motor vehicles per 1,000 residents went up to 795 from 780 in 2020. 36.5% of total driving licence holders were aged between 40 and 59 years.

Figures show there are more cars than residents in the Gozo and Comino district, with 1,064 cars per 1,000 residents, whereas the Northern Harbour registered the lowest ratio with 683 vehicles per 1,000 residents.

A total of 327,633 transport-related contraventions were issued by the Police, Wardens and Transport Malta. Speed cameras’ contraventions totalled 45,504 or an average of 125 per day.

Airport Transport

The NSO figures show passenger traffic at the Malta International Airport increased by 45.5% in 2021, when compared to the previous year.

Italy and UK remained the two most popular destinations in terms of total passengers’ movement, registering increases in passengers’ movement over 2020 by 46.0% and 40.4% respectively.

Sea Transport

The stock of vessels registered under the Maltese flag amounted to 8,631 in 2021.

Cruise liner embarkations from Malta increased by 7,892 and passenger landings in Malta increased by 9,771 over 2020.

The average rate of passengers and vehicles per trip crossing between Malta and Gozo amounted to 116 and 45 respectively.

Passengers carried between Valletta and The Three Cities totalled 201,806 (+12.6%), while those carried between Valletta and Sliema totalled 369,678 (+62.4%).