Swimming at Balluta not recommended due to bacterial contamination

The presence of microbiological contamination has affected the bathing water quality and presents a risk to bathers’ health

Balluta bay in St Julian's
Balluta bay in St Julian's

Swimming at Balluta bay in St Julian’s is not recommended due to a bacterial contamination that presents a risk to bathers’ health.

The Environmental Health Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health issued a notice saying that until further notice bathing is not recommended the presence of microbiological contamination, E. coli and I. Enterococci, affecting the bathing water quality and presenting a risk to bathers’ health.

Investigations to determine the source of contamination are ongoing but the duration of the contamination cannot be predicted.

Warning signs have been put up in the area and when the quality is restored, they will be removed and a notice to the public will be issued.

A similar notice was issued on Friday, warning bathers against swimming at Tigne Point in Sliema, due to the presence of hazardous white material.