[WATCH] Abela can’t say how driving test candidates can be helped

Minister Ian Borg and customer care officials acted 'within their remit' according to Prime Minister Robert Abela

Abela was responding to journalists' questions regarding the driving licence racket
Abela was responding to journalists' questions regarding the driving licence racket

Prime Minister Robert Abela has stated that Ian Borg's actions within the driving test scandal were, "within his remit" despite being unable to explain how a politician can legally help candidates to pass their driving licence test.

Abela was responding to questions from MaltaToday regarding revelations that show WhatsApp chats to a Transport Malta officer in charge of driving examinations that have revealed that former transport minister Ian Borg forwarded names of test candidates that had to be “taken care of” to ensure they passed their exam.

When responding to this newspapers’ questions where he was asked to explain how a politician can “help” someone to pass their driving licence test, Abela merely replied that, “a politician’s main duty is to guide people in their legitimate needs.” 

He further stated that Ian Borg’s actions were completely within his remit as transport minister, and that these actions also fall into the remit of customer care departments within ministries.

Abela further stated that, “God forbid we stop helping people in their legitimate needs.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister only had a few words to say regarding the Malta Employers' Association’s condemnation of his reaction to the racket, where the association had described Abela’s reaction as, “an invitation to anarchy.” 

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On Tuesday, the association stated that it is impossible to justify blatantly corrupt practices that place doubts on the safety of drivers on Maltese roads. "These abuses," MEA said, "are helping a few for partisan interests at the expense of potentially destroying many people’s lives." The MEA was not the only NGO to condemn the scandal and Abela's reaction to it.

On Tuesday, the Insurance Association called for drivers who obtained their licence through the racket to retake their tests.

When asked for his reaction to MEA’s statement, Abela replied, “When it comes to legitimate needs, I will also keep helping the members of the MEA.”

When further asked by journalists if he was going to issue an apology for the scandal, Abela simply replied, “Issue an apology for helping people with their needs?”