Man granted bail on condition he attends drug rehabilitation programme

A court this morning granted bail to a man charged with theft from a car showroom, on condition he immediately attends a drug rehabilitation programme.

The Law Courts, Valletta
The Law Courts, Valletta

Michael Agius, 29 of Valletta was this morning ordered to attend a drug rehabilitation programme by Magistrate Edwina Grima, who ruled that the programme was obligatory as the main condition for his release from prison where he is currently being held under preventative custody.

Agius - who was caught red handed by police officers when he broke into a car showroom in Lija on August 15 - was warned that should he decide not to continue with the rehab programme, he had to ask his lawyer to prepare the necessary paperwork for the Court to reconsider.

"How long will the rehabilitation programme last for?" an inquisitive Agius asked.

While the court explained that he was facing at least six months of rehabilitation, Magistrate Edwina Grima reiterated her warning that should Agius decide to leave the programme without informing his lawyer, he would be immediately arrested and forfeit €7,000 in personal guarantees.

During this morning's sitting, Jonathan Grima was called to testify on the damages sustained to his car showroom during the attempted burglary.

Grima said that he found the accused handcuffed by the police inside the showroom, while a large show window was smashed with a stone, there were signs of forced entry into car locks, and office desks.

Two laptops and an iPhone were later found to have been dumped into a bin.

When asked for receipts of the damaged and replaced items, Grima said that he was not interested in any compensation from the accused.

Police Inspector Michael Mallia prosecuted. 

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