‘PN abused from Wasteserv’ – Leo Brincat

Report on the operations of Wasteserv presented in Parliament showed Wasteserv employed people “to meet personal needs rather than meeting the organisational requirements”.

Environment Minister Leo Brincat hinted the previous PN administration used to abuse from Wasteserv to reap political benefits.

In an interview with Sunday newspaper 'Illum', Brincat said he was told the majority of Wasteserv workers coincidentally resided in one of George Pullicino's electoral districts. Pullicino was the Minister responsible for Wasteserv in the last legislature.

"In a particular town, on several occasions I had the opportunity to speak to several residents. Almost everyone remarked they worked for Wasteserv. At that point I asked myself whether the entire town worked for Wasteserv," Brincat noted.

He also rebuffed the Opposition's claims of trying to put in bad light what was done in the previous legislature. "I wanted everything to run smooth. Where everything was in order, I left it as it was. But it seems that in the areas where George Pullicino operated, I had to intervene and commission reports," he concluded.

Read more in today's edition of 'Illum'.

Pullicino is bound to hear the whistle, soon.
I don't know why you're so surprised Hon Brincat ? Gonzi has also told the Americans that he has a very untalented cabinet. I being a simple person can even make a better cabinet (wooden) that the one he had. Pullicino wasn't interested in doing something right but his main aim was to hurt people like me,when he told my wife that if I was a nationalist he would have helped me. Biex naghmel bhal tal in-Taghna - Biex qatt ma tinsa, jew kulhadd nesa issa x'kienu jaghmlu dwn in nies fl-oppozizzjoni that Edward feneech Adami. Jien ma nistax ninsa u lanqas nafer.