AD marks World Down Syndrome Day

Alternattiva Demokratika calls for increased social inclusion and social rights, meets with the Down Syndrome Association in Malta.

A delegation from AD, made up of Chairperson Michael Briguglio and Claire Azzopardi Lane, spokesperson for disability issues, met with the Down Syndrome Association, as the world yesterday marked the World Down Syndrome Day.

Azzopardi Lane said AD calls for more support towards persons suffering from the Down’s syndrome, whilst it support increased social inclusion and social rights.

“Some policies in this regard include quality secondary inclusive education which truly caters for the needs and aspirations of such persons, and the need for life long learning opportunities,” she said.

Azzopardi Lane said once persons with Down’s syndrome finish compulsory secondary education, many end up with lack of access to social, educational and employment opportunities.

“AD calls for more support towards such persons, not only from government agencies, but also from voluntary organisations and private companies dealing with sports, culture, and other aspects of community life”.

Briguglio said that it was very important for AD to hear the proposals of the Association.

“As is the case with other persons with disability, AD believes that the current disability pension,  does not suffice to meet the needs of such persons,” he said, adding that the pension currently amounts to 55% of the minimum wage.
AD also called for increased effort from authorities.

“Authorities must ensure that employment legislation is properly enforced, ensuring the right to employment and fair wages for such persons,” he said.

“Above all, AD believes that persons with down syndrome should have full access to the social, economic and cultural spheres of everyday life”.