Bishops denounce violence and corruption

Concerns over growing violence, corruption and party politics underlined in bishops' pastoral letter.

In their latest pastoral letter issued before lent, bishops Paul Cremona, Mario Grech and Charles Scicluna denounced the "alarming increase in violence" and expressed concern over the "cases of corruption which are of an almost institutional nature."

Moreover, they said that party politics, often do not allow people "to seek and perceive the truth."

On corruption "of an almost institutional nature," the letter said that "this is eroding the moral fibre of our society and leads people to believe that there is nothing wrong with stealing, evading taxes, taking false oath in court, and so many other factors which we are reading about almost on a daily basis."

The bishops said that the increase in violence, "points to the fact that in our country, a web of organized crime may be prevalent."

They also said that the rise in domestic violence and brutal attacks on elderly persons, as well as other hostilities of all sorts was "a source of concern."

Acknowledging that violence and corruption are "part of the real, holistic picture of our country," the bishops said that everyone should be troubled.

"But instead of being scandalised and passing judgment, we should combine our efforts and do whatever is necessary, because we are all responsible for one another and for our country," the three bishops said.

The letter also calls for a greater sense of responsibility and duty towards both present and future generations, "so that we too may be able to pass on to our descendants our living traditions of belief, virtues and values."

However the bishops said that the people must make a greater effort to become "more aware of the State, to engender a wider civic sense, and not to be constrained by party politics, which often does not allow us to seek and perceive the truth."

This, the bishops wrote, will allow people to respect the dignity of every person, "irrespective of one's colour, faith, social affiliation, sexual orientation - from all that which makes us different."

Ejja nharsu lejn il-futur. Dr Busuttil smajt x'qalu l-isfijiet fuq il-partigjanizmu sfrenat li jigi anke qabel l-interess ta pajjizek. Se tobdihom jew ir-Religio e Patria ghal-skond iz-zmien
Bravi Bishops but you best look at your own cult and see the years of sexual pervertion you have in your cult against nuns and kids. Also corruption in your banks which has been going on since your cult was born. Unfortunately you have placed yourselves in the last seat to teach anyone anything anymore.
This kind of Very strong assessment by the Church as a moral authority has been long overdue. However, in order to give even more credibility to this statements, these leading voices should address and redress any instances of injustices that may have occurred against individuals within church and affiliated organisations such as schools and others. There is no doubt that injustices and corruption erode democracy: we have already been there here and elsewhere in the world.
Too little too late and a dose of hypocrisy thrown in, but never late than never, they say. We had 25 years of shit.
I am sorry to ask but where were the Bishops these last 6 years? Why did they not speak out when the corruption was at its worse ever in Malta's history and only speak now that the present Government is trying to curtail it? This is always the case - the Bishops NEVER speak out when there is a Nationalist Government but are the first to speak out the minute a Labour Government is elected. Is the Church trying to place blame on the PL Government NOW and cover up for all the corruption that was rampant in the last 10 years of PN oligarchic rule. Has the Church something to hide?
After hundreds of people suffered discrimination and when some of them have even died, There Grace the Archbishops are denouncing violence and corruption. Better late than never, but I wish to ask how are those affected are going to recover everything they lost, example, those who retired and lost thousand in overtime, due allowances, promotions, getting a better live for themselves and their families, etc etc. How about those who were corrupt and stole the dignity of other persons, troubled them till death, stole their money, jobs, promotions, etc etc are going to pay back? Does the Bishops means we will switch off and everything is forgiven ? Does it mean that when my wife went to the Curia to ask for help and she was told that the Bishop doesn't interfere with trying to bring justice about, I will just forget ?
Fabian Psaila
Icaqlaq ...Min xarrbu qieghed jieklu il-bakkaljaw!