[VIDEO] MOAS rescues 92 migrants at sea

Migrant Offshore Aid Station rescues 92 migrants from a rubber dinghy • migrants taken in by Italy

57 men, 34 women and a two-year-old girl rescued by MOAS on 1 October 2013
57 men, 34 women and a two-year-old girl rescued by MOAS on 1 October 2013

Private migrant rescue mission MOAS yesterday saved 92 migrants who found themselves in difficulty while crossing the sea onboard a rubber dinghy.

According to the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, the group included 57 men, 34 women and a two-year-old girl.

“All rescued migrants were taken safely on board the Phoenix and treated by our paramedics,” MOAS said.

All migrants rescued so far by MOAS - over 1,700 - have been taken in by Italy. The transfer of migrants from the Phoenix to Italy's navy ships occurs out at sea so that MOAS can continue with its work as an offshore aid station

MOAS is the brainchild of philanthropists and entrepreneurs Christopher and Regina Catrambone.

The aim of its operation is not to ferry rescued migrants but for the vessel to act as a station out at sea that will help identify vessels at risk and give first assistance in coordination with the military forces in Malta and Italy.
MOAS’s centre of operations is based in Malta, and former AFM commander Martin Xuereb is the director and leader of the MOAS, which is made up of security professionals, medical staff and experienced maritime operators.

The MOAS team is currently sailing its 40-metre expedition vessel Phoenix I to major migrant shipping lanes and drop anchor. From this fixed point the crew will monitor the area using drones and human lookouts to spot migrant vessels in distress.
Another former army man joining MOAS was Marco Cauchi, serving as operations director and first officer. During his 20-year career with the Armed Forces of Malta he participated in search and rescue missions as Search Mission Coordinator and has rescued hundreds of boats. He served as Commanding Officer of a fleet of AFM patrol vessels.