Customs in contraband cigarette and shisha haul from Libyan ship

Customs officials have seized 12,200 contraband cigarettes and 120kg of contraband shisha tobaco on board a Libyan ship

The Customs Department has seized 12,200 contraband cigarettes and 120 kilogrammes of contraband shisha tobacco on board a Libyan ship arriving in Malta from Tripoli. This haul was said to be worth around €12,200 in customs and other tax duties.

Customs officials had boarded the ship and asked its captain to submit what he had to declare. Searching the ship, the officials discovered the undeclared cigarettes and shisha tobacco in several parts of the ship and on the person of a number of the crew.

Customs have kept the ship, the cigarettes and the tobacco for further investigations and have informed the police of their discovery. 

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