Former FMS CEO demands apology for ‘malicious and unfounded’ comments

Medialink Communications CEO files judicial protest against Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Minister Konrad Mizzi

Medialink CEO Brian St John
Medialink CEO Brian St John

Medialink Communications CEO Brian St John presented a judicial protest at Court this morning against both Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Minister Konrad Mizzi for ‘malicious and unfounded’ comments made on local media.

“These comments are malicious and unfounded; and are only intended to tarnish my reputation and cause harm.”

“It is deplorable that I am the target of politically motivated attacks for reason that I am the CEO of Medialink Communications,” he added in a statement.

The judicial protest was presented by St John’s lawyer Andrew Borg Cardona.

The former CEO of FMS’s (Foundation for Medical Services) protest was aimed at comments made by Mizzi implying that he had hidden documents related to a controversy centered on construction works at Mater Dei Hospital. According to the protest, Mizzi made “entirely untruthful” claims that implied that St John had hidden documents and a waiver, and that he bore some responsibility in the issue during a televised program on the 24th May.

“Mizzi’s assertions are completely false: St John never had any access or control over the safe while he was acting CEO of FMS, he never hid any documents or information, and either way, he began working for the foundation over a year after the hospital was handed over to the government. The documents pertaining to the case were not even under his remit,” the protest reads.

The protest continues by pointing out that St John was never involved in the building or surveillance of the building, except for technical and legal advice during his time as CEO.

“It is clear that Mizzi is lying and that he is trying to tarnish St John because he is now employed by the Opposition,” the protest reads.

It also added that on Sunday 24th May Prime Minister Joseph Muscat then repeated these comments, saying that St John had concealed the contract containing the waiver.

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