Busuttil’s repetition of fabricated lies ‘marring politics’ – Government

Government insists there is no agreement with Italy over the rescuing of migrants and oil exploration

Simon Busuttil has chosen to repeat a fabricated lie, undermining the role of a leader of the Opposition and marring politics, the government said.

In a statement on Saturday morning, the government said it was unfortunate that the PN leader has chosen to repeat a fabricated lie and believe “a complete invention floated by a foreign newspaper”.

The Maltese government said the authorities were abiding by international rights, with full collaboration with Italy and neighbouring countries.

“There is no agreement on immigrants or some sort of connection with oil exploration. This is simply an invention which the Opposition leader has made as his own,” the government said.

Busuttil on Friday evening called on the government to clarify whether it had reached an agreement with Italy through which it would take in Malta’s share of asylum seekers in exchange for oil exploration rights in disputed territorial waters off Sicily.

Following reports in the Italian media, the government denied the existence of such a deal. However, in his speech at a political activity in La Vallette Square, Valletta as part of the PN’s Independence Day festivities, Busuttil questioned whether the government has truly given up disputed territory.

“If it truly did so, that would mean that it has betrayed the nation,” he said to a roar of applause.

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