In the Press: Doctors’ Union gives two-week ultimatum

Stories from today’s national papers

Times of Malta

Consumers in Malta are receiving the most expensive and least efficient broadband services in the EU, according to a number of studies. The paper reports that consumers are paying expensive rates for their internet, TV and telephone deals, but that they receive much less than they are paying for. Both the studies in question were funded by the European commission and published on Thursday. They also revealed that there isn’t much difference between the two main exponents in the sector, Go and Melita, suggesting that competition is not working as it should.


The Medical Association of Malta has given the government a two-week ultimatum to come to an agreement over a number of disputes it has with the government, including the government’s plans to privatise the Gozo general hospital, St. Luke’s and Karen Grech. MAM has said it is unacceptable for the government not to publish its agreements with the Global Health Care Limited, so close to the finalisation of the deal.


Enemalta will embark on its first ever overseas project in a partnership with Shanghai Electric. The project will feature a wind farm in Montenegro and Enemalta will be selling the energy generated in the country, according to energy minister Konrad Mizzi. He added that this was an unprecedented investment for the company, and that it would be followed by two more projects to generate profits for the company by 2017.

The Malta Independent

The European Central Bank has retained interest rates and money printing programmes unchanged after an ECB governing council meeting in Malta. President Mario Draghi said the ECB would review what else could be done to tackle the threat of weak inflation in December. The meeting was the first ever, and Draghi further confirmed that the bank would look into increasing monetary stimulus to raise inflation and bolster the Eurozone’s economic recovery.