Safety campaign 'should complement' budget incentive for scooters

Transport Malta set to launch three-month road safety campaign

Shadow finance minister Mario de Marco urged the government to launch a road safety campaign to complement a budgetary measure incentivizing the use of scooters.

In a bid to reduce the amount of cars on the road, the government has proposed a €50 reduction in the road tax for any motorcycle or scooter 125cc or less.

De Marco cautioned that increasing the number of scooters on the roads may not necessarily leave the desired effects, especially if the roads are not biker-friendly.

“We hear of too many traffic accidents, sometimes even fatal,” de Marco said, urging the government to embark on road safety campaigns. “Left alone, we’re simply risking increasing the chances of more fatalities.”

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna confirmed that Transport Malta is set to launch a three-month road safety campaign.