Muscat’s defence of Konrad Mizzi unacceptable, PN leader warns

Opposition leader says Konrad Mizzi’s wealth as declared in Parliament doesn’t warrant the setting up of a trust

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has hit out at Prime Minister Joseph Muscat for brushing off concerns over a family trust fund in New Zealand and a company in Panama owned by energy minister Konrad Mizzi.

“Instead of kicking him out, Muscat made him a deputy leader [of the Labour Party], actually increasing his responsibility,” Busuttil said in a telephone interview with Radio 101.

He added that the assets Mizzi has declared in Parliament so far don’t “justify setting up a company in Panama”.

“It is completely unacceptable for me that a sitting minister opens a company in a renowned tax haven,” the PN leader said, arguing that Mizzi is the minister in charge of the island’s largest projects– including the ElectroGas power station and the hospital and the privatization of three hospitals.

“Muscat brushed this problem off, because everything goes for him,” he said. “The people are disgusted and displeased at Muscat and Mizzi’s behaviour, but I am more determined than ever before to offer an alternative to this government that is facing a corruption crisis.” 

In a reaction, the Labour Party renewed its challenge to the PN leader to repeat allegations made against Mizzi outside parliament. It noted, that Busuttil had phoned in during a TV programme from "a hotel" abroad.

It added that Busuttil should explain "the involvement of those whom he represented as a trustee up to this same year".

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