[WATCH] The Graffitti placard that says it all was the one that irked party faithful

Some PN supporters attending a civil society protest on Panama Papers have taken issue with Moviment Graffiti's direct political message

The Moviment Graffiti placard that sparked the ire of some Nationalist supporters (Photo: Ray Attard/MediaToday)
The Moviment Graffiti placard that sparked the ire of some Nationalist supporters (Photo: Ray Attard/MediaToday)
Nationalists take issue with Moviment Graffiti placard • Video by Ray Attard

A placard by the Moviment Graffiti irked a number of Nationalist supporters who this morning followed Opposition leader Simon Busuttil to a protest organized by the Civil Society Network.

The pressure group carried placards reading "PN PL - same shit, different government", a message which the Nationalists said offended them.

“Shit are those who call us shit … they are shit, not us … you are offending us Nationalists,” one man could be heard shouting angrily.

Pointing to the Moviment Graffiti activists, he went on to insist that “these are all Labourites … rubbish”.

Another woman argued that the message was plain offensive to both Labour and Nationalist supporters.

A second woman insisted that the event was not a political one and those attending were representing themselves "as individuals".

But as Moviment Graffiti tried to explain the political message behind their placard, a third man intervened accusing the activists of “pushing people away”.

“Remove it … that is silly. We are not shit,” the pensioner shouted as PN MP Francis Zammit Dimech tried to move him away.

Moviment Graffiti said it took part in the protest because it believed that Minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri should shoulder responsibility for “their unethical actions and decisions”.

“Although we have a different government, the political situation has not improved when it comes to corruption and lack of transparency,” the pressure group said.

“Both Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri have acted unethically by opening trusts in tax havens, yet they are still enjoying positions of great power. This is simply unacceptable.”

Moviment Graffiti argued that whilst common citizens had to pay all their taxes or face harsh fines, “the rich elite, which Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri form part of, get away with evading or avoiding taxes with barely a slap on the wrist”.

The pressure group added: “Apologizing to the public but not resigning means nothing. Moviment Graffitti also calls on politicians to pass stricter laws against those who get involved in tax evasion schemes and laws that prevent tax avoidance.”

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