Greens insist Keith Schembri should be investigated

AD hits out at ‘irresponsible lack of action’ by Maltese parliament

Arnold Cassola
Arnold Cassola

Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson Arnold Cassola said Wednesday’s defeat of independent MP Marlene Farrugia’s motion to have Keith Schembri grilled by a parliamentary committee showed that “what would be a normal request in a democratic EU is anathema in the Maltese parliament."

He said “what is normal in democratic European countries is refused in the Maltese parliament.”

Cassola added that while the leader of the PN, Simon Busuttil, continues harping on corruption when there is no concrete proof or evidence of this, “there are strong suspicions about the whole Panama affair and that is why we needed a parliamentary committee to investigate all this.”

Alternatttiva Demokratika’s chairperson that the Greens are looking forward to the setting up of the European Parliament Committee on the Panama papers  which he said will hopefully substitute the irresponsible lack of action of the Maltese Parliament.

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